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Hello and welcome to my site!   I am a Registered Dietitian with a true passion for health and fitness.  And guess what?  I LOVE food! (and wine- hehe!)  I see every meal as a chance to nourish your body and your mind.  love helping people become and stay healthy while ENJOYING the process.   


As a Clinical and Wellness Dietitian x 20+ years, a Health Coach,  fitness/cycle instructor, and a clean crafted wine consultant,  I am able to cover all angles of helping you find your happiest healthy.  


Good nutrition is about consistency not perfection.  It is a daily practice to live a healthy lifestyle, and we are in this together! 

When I started out as a Dietitian I had no idea how my life experiences would shape the way I practice.  From my own battles with body image, to my husband almost losing his life to cancer,  healthy eating and exercise is now my top priority.  I believe that taking care of your body is the key to a happy life, for both physical AND mental health.  

My job as a Dietitian is to educate on proper nutrition, and to help you meet your personal health and fitness goals without feeling deprived.   

If you are struggling to meet your health and nutrition goals,  it is because you have not found the right plan for YOU.  With all of our different lifestyles, metabolisms, food preferences, likes/dislikes, it is so important to personalize your nutrition.  And that is what Dietitians are for!  I would love to help you find YOUR "happiest healthy".   Book a session here.  


Life is about finding balance in everything you do.  True self love is accepting yourself as you are, but also knowing you deserve the best in life and always working towards that.  On this site you will find loads of support and tips to help you along your way.   


Take the time with me to invest in yourself!  YOU ARE WORTH IT!


The most powerful tool to change your health

and your entire world is your fork

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