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Janaelle Humberd RD, LDN
Nutrition Specialties
Nutrition Coaching 

Weight Loss + Behavior modification

Healthy Lifestyle Changes  

Nutrition for Healthy Families 


I have been a practicing Clinical and Wellness Dietitian for 20+ years in Boston, MA.  I currently split my time as a Lead Clinical Dietitian at Mass Eye and Ear serving a head and neck cancer population,  and I also see clients privately for wellness/weight loss.  You can contact me with general questions about my practice here, or click here to learn more about nutrition coaching.  


Working in a hospital setting has been extremely useful for my wellness practice as I get to see first hand how nutrition is at the root of so many illnesses.  I believe there needs to be more of an emphasis on proper nutrition for both prevention and healing.  Nutrition is PREVENTATIVE medicine.  


As a Certified Dietitian/Nutrition Coach, my specialty is in weight loss, behavior change/modification, and maintaining overall wellness.  My focus is on helping people find the value in a healthy body.     


My "happy place" is on the spin bike!  Find me at Fit Revolution in North Reading!   


The "fun" part of my job!  For all of you wine lovers, I get to share the experience of clean crafted wine that is bottled in a way to help you enjoy your wine drinking experience without sabotaging all of your health effortsClick here to learn more! 
I grew up struggling with my weight and body image as a lot of young women do.   Looking back, I know that my biggest inspiration as a Dietitian has been through my own personal experiences.  Life is about learning and adapting as you go.   
My body image issues started as a preteen/teen.  As I am sure most young women do now with social media, I remember comparing myself to the picture perfect models on the cover of magazines.   When I started getting curves I was always trying to lose them.  Since we didn't learn much about nutrition in school  (and there was no google!),  I was clueless on how to eat healthy.  I tried a LOT of fad diets!  Fat free muffins anyone!?  At times my weight would go up enough to make me feel uncomfortable in my own skin. Back to a fad diet, an unhealthy relationship with food , negative self talk- it was a viscous cycle.  
When I went to college I took my first nutrition course and  I knew I had found my calling.   Knowledge is power!  Learning HOW to eat healthy was the first step,  but changing my habits and my relationship with food was just as important.   It took me a while to get a grasp on this.   One of my biggest struggles was in my 30's when my husband was battling brain cancer (more on that story below).  I would often use food and exercise as my biggest form of "control" since everything else in my life felt so out of my control.   I knew WHAT to do to live a healthier life, but I needed to put it to practice.  Thankfully my husband has been in remission for about 10 years now, and I have come a long way since then.  Developing a positive relationship with food is such an important part of leading a happy & healthy life.   It is a DAILY conscious shift in thinking to get rid of negative self talk, and make positive habit changes.  We all need to give ourselves more grace and strive for progress over perfection.  


After all that my family has been through to live normally, now my main focus of each day is to be healthy and happy.  It is a privilege to be able to eat healthy and exercise.  I enjoy exercise because of how it makes me feel.  The most important message I like to get across to my clients is good health comes in all different shapes and sizes.   Developing a healthier relationship with food and exercise is a DAILY practice.   We all have our own personal struggles and setbacks, but it is about PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION.



I am a proud mama to my two beautiful young children, and I am married to one of my biggest inspirations of all.  My husband Brian is a two time brain cancer survivor, originally diagnosed in his early 20's.  After going through years and years of chemotherapy treatments and then a successful stem cell transplant in his 30's,  Brian is now enjoying a cancer free life.  He has had many long term side effects after almost an entire decade of chemotherapy, but we know that him being here is what matters most.  As his caregiver all those years, it really solidified my belief on health being absolutely essential to quality of life. We don't realize how important our health is until it is taken away.  Even though we can't control everything that happens to our bodies, we CAN control our food and lifestyle choices.  

After Brian's stem cell transplant we struggled through years and years of IVF treatments, and we were eventually blessed with two beautiful children.  Our road to health and building a family has been a long one, but it has changed the way we live and embrace life.  Family and good health will always remain a privilege to us. 


Everything I have experienced in my life has helped fuel my passion for nutrition.    It is no longer "easy" to eat healthy.  People need to be informed of their choices and it is my goal to educate on this.  Even though eating healthy can be "work" there are ways to overcome the challenges of staying on top of your nutrition.    Click here for more on my secret to optimal daily nutrition.  




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