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Grow you own food in the comfort of your home, indoors or out! 


Less work, less space, no dirt!


Save time and money on buying produce! 

The Tower Garden is a vertical, aeroponic growing system, that allows you to grow up to 20 vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers in less than three square feet—indoors or out. 

Grow Up to 30% More Healthy Food, 3x Faster: 

Using aeroponics—the same technology NASA uses—Tower Garden grows plants with only water and nutrients rather than dirt. Research has found aeroponic systems grow plants three times faster and produce 30% greater yields on average. That means you’ll be enjoying abundant, nutritious harvests just weeks after planting.

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10 Reasons To Start a Tower Garden

1.  Costs $1.50 a day for 1 year, then it's yours for 10-20 years.  Most people spend hundreds a month on organic produce.  

2.  Made with food grade plastic (won't leach chemicals into produce), and a double UV protective coating (will last in the sunshine for years).

3.  No more produce going bad in your fridge, pick it when you need it! 

4.  Uses less than 10% of the water of a conventional garden.

5.  Includes all tools and supplies (no soil or gardening tools needed).

6.  Fewer ground pest problems.

7.  Grow a garden in 1/2 the time of a conventional garden.

8.  Uses no harmful fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

9.  No weeding- time is money!  

10.  More nutritious vine-ripened produce is proven more nutritious. 

Who wouldn't want a variety of 20 organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs right at their fingertips!?  

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