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I don't believe in diets, counting calories, or feeling deprived.  My approach is healthy intuitive eating.  Food is fuel for your body, so when you feel hunger coming on, you eat!  If you are eating the right foods and paying attention to your hunger signals, you will feel energized and sustained at least a few hours until your next meal.   I help my clients find foods and recipes that they enjoy using a lot of whole food ingredients, which also fits into their lifestyle approach.  


The definition of insanity = Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!   Behavior change is one of the main keys to success.  In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a change needs to come from breaking bad habits, and replacing them with new sustainable ones.  With proper education and a little bit of planning and determination, anyone can do it!  


Here are some key factors for any health transformation: 

EAT MORE WHOLE FOODS (less processed)  One of the biggest and newest nutrition problems that we face today is the food industry is making us all unhealthy and overweight. There is an overabundance of processed food, sugars, bad fats, antibiotics, and other toxins going into our food supply.  Many of these ingredients are banned in other countries, because of their danger to health.   Take some time to read your food labels and stick to simple whole food ingredients.  (Example- an egg, avocado, potato- all one ingredient). The emphasis should never be on counting every calorie or fat gram, it should be on a healthy balance of the major nutrients that our bodies need, without all of the crap!  


EAT MORE PLANTS  We know from our research that eating more fruits and vegetables is the key to fighting disease, staying young, and properly healing the body.  The nutrients and antioxidants that plant foods provide are key to a healthy body.  This doesn't mean you need to go vegan, but if you are eating a variety of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, you will see and feel the benefits.  Since most people have trouble meeting their requirements, I now offer my family, my patients and my clients Juice Plus, which is a very simple and cost effective way to get all of your nutrients from fruits and vegetables in capsule or gummy form. This is not a vitamin or supplement, it's REAL food from farm to capsule.  Amazing for children who don't eating their vegetables :)  Click here to learn more! 

EXERCISE I stress the importance of exercise for a healthy mind and a strong body.  Exercise should be enjoyable and fun.  Find an activity you love and make it part of your life!  Since nutrition and fitness go hand in hand, I teach my clients the importance of eating for energy and muscle recovery, while staying fueled and satisfied to meet their particular goals. 


NEVER GO HUNGRY  When you feel hunger hit, that is your body telling you that it needs fuel.  Honor that!  The number of times you eat in a day is all dependent on activity and lifestyle preference.  If you are eating meals/snacks packed with healthy nutrients, you should be staying full for a few hours until your next meal.  The quality of nutrition at each meal is what helps to manage cravings and provide sustainable energy throughout your day.  Tap into your "intuitive" eating, and you will learn how to eat when your body needs fuel.  

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