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Real organic high quality plant nutrients "from farm to capsule" replacing man made vitamins. 


Dried and encapsulated fruits and vegetables have a much more beneficial effect than man made vitamins because of the natural synergistic effect of natures food.

You are getting the whole plant, aka the naturally occurring antioxidants and phyonutrients from the fruits, vegetables and berries themselves.  


Backed by published scientific medical journals documenting health benefits on the body such as improved immunity, healthy DNA, heart health, quality of life etc.  


Man made chemicals that are way off of natures balance as an "isolated" vitamin, lacking the most important part of the plant nutrients 


Not regulated or approved by FDA (unless "third party certified")  

Can contain fillers bad chemicals, GMO's

No data on benefits to health over time 


As a Dietitian, I have always said that the best way to get great nutrition is always from real food, but when it comes down to it, that is not so easy anymore.  Not only is our food being contaminated before it hits the shelves, but it is very difficult to eat a perfect diet 24/7.  So yes, in this day in age supplementing can help.  But HOW we supplement is critical!  This is very important when thinking about our kids vitamins, as they are full of unhealthy chemicals, sugars, and bad fats.    


Vitamins in the nutrition world are "archaic" so to speak.  Why?  There is no scientific research showing improvement in health from taking a daily multi-vitamin, and yet people continue to take them because it is what their doctor recommends.   When it comes to MY recommendations, I look at the research.  After all, this is what I study..NUTRITION!   Juice Plus has numerous medical and scientific journals showing the amazing benefits on the body from taking a Juice Plus on a daily basis. 


There is a lot of controversy surrounding the vitamin and supplement industry since the FDA does not review or regulate what comes onto the market.   I tell my clients to make sure that whatever they are taking has been third party certified, which means it has been tested for accuracy.   


Juice Plus is a safer, healthier alternative to a daily vitamin because it carries a "food label", not a supplement label.  Straight from farm to capsule, it is REAL food.  Because of that, it is safe for anyone including kids and pregnant or nursing women.  


More references on the safety, research, and benefits of Juice Plus can be found here. 

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