I am a wine lover.  I have always loved a nice glass of wine with a yummy dinner.  As I started getting older my body just couldn't handle the bad side effects from wine...headaches, fogginess, and feeling crappy even when I had just one glass.  As a Dietitian I know that un-natural additives and added sugar is not contributing to my health in any way. 


With all of the hard work I put into clean eating and exercising, I ALMOST gave up wine completely...


Luckily a friend introduced me to Scout and Cellar clean crafted without all of the sugar and additives.  Clean crafted wine takes organic wine a step further by making sure no additional chemicals are added during production.  


The FDA approves over 300 chemicals and pesticides in each bottle of wine and over 250 ppm of sulfites.

99% of wineries rely on pesticides, additives and added sweeteners, which means chemically altered, completely unnatural wine is now the norm.   With mass produced wine, you could be drinking the sugar equivalent of a glazed donut!  GROSS! 


Scout & Cellar distributes Clean-Crafted wines:


-NO added chemicals or preservatives

-NO sugar added. Ever (Keto-friendly) 

-Sulfites added only when necessary

-NO synthetic pesticides

-Family-owned vineyards and farms

-Sustainable, Organic, or Biodynamic farming methods

-Grapes harvest by hand

So what exactly constitutes a good, clean crafted wine?

Here’s the deal: Before most wine you drink ever makes it to your glass, it is first processed with dozens of chemical additives meant to amp up the sweetness, alcohol and sameness, thereby muting the purity, energy and distinctiveness.   Clean wine is deliberately bottled without those additives, making each glass vibrant, delicious and not infused with weird chemicals. Just like nature intended.


Basically, wine without the sugar, crap or sneaky chemicals that are bad for your health!  Click below to learn more and order!  

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